New Global Art Initiative Launched In Hong Kong


Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2016 / - AccorHotels is delighted to announce the launch of Pullman Artist Playground in Greater China. The Park Lane Hong Kong, A Pullman Hotel is inaugurating the new brand’s signature global art initiative with an exciting display of images from Hong Kong-based US photographer Michael Kistler’s Urban Nightscapes series, ‘Melt with you’.

Pullman hotels are recognised for their vibrant urban locations. The brand embraces design, art, photography and local culture. In the new Artist Playground concept, the hotels worked with various renowned global artists and designers to breathe life into this vision  to make art more dynamic and meaningful. The Pullman Artist Playground forms part of the gallery and studio concept which creates new and timeless experiences for guests through a blend of elements in  local interest, unique culture and visual ingenuity.

“It is great to see the exciting display of Michael Kistler’s latest collection of Ubarn Nightscapes to inaugurate the launch of the Pullman Artist Playground here at The Park Lane Hong Kong, A Pullman Hotel,” said Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer of AccorHotels Greater China. “The exhibition gives guests of The Park Lane Hong Kong, A Pullman Hotel an opportunity to experience the unique elements of the brand signature through art, design and local culture in what is arguably the world’s most dynamic city.”

The exhibition will run from now until mid-February 2017 at the Ebb & Flow lobby lounge, a contemporary buzzing hotspot in the heart of Causeway Bay. Featuring a modern design, cutting edge tech elements and delectable food options, Ebb & Flow ensures a trendy vibe in line with the modern era of experiential lifestyle. More than just a hotel lounge, the forward-thinking concept of Ebb & Flow brings a seamless blend of innovation, comfort, discovery and epicurean fare, the venue of choice for the young millennial and global nomads in today’s hyper-connected world.

Curated by the internationally acclaimed Galerie Junger, Kistler’s eight thought-provoking artworks can be viewed on many levels where he uses unconventional perspectives and focuses on one-of-a-kind moments of collision, co-existence and merging of cityscape and urbanites. These pictures successfully capture the distinctive characteristics of Hong Kong’s permanent cityscape and the impermanence of its inhabitants.

About Michael Kistler
Born in Minneapolis, USA, Michael Kistler has spent 15 years in Asia, including a decade in Tokyo where he developed his characteristic photographic style, using his lenses to experiment with blur, movement and other abstract elements. Currently based in Hong Kong, he is fascinated by what is often the abstract human element and its connection to the concrete city. For him the urban landscape provides permanence while people come and go, creating a dynamic environment of fleeting moments. Michael Kistler’s work has been widely exhibited and published.

About The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel
The Park Lane Hong Kong, unveils a HK$300 million makeover, rebranding itself as ‘The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel’ as of 1 January 2015.  Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel offers well-appointed rooms with breath-taking views of the city landscape, Victoria Park and Harbour.  832 stylish guest rooms deemed the most spacious in town overlooks the famed Victoria Harbour, Victoria Park and the city.  The Hotel features two restaurants and a bar, including the city’s most anticipated SKYE roof bar and restaurant opened on 8 September.

About Pullman
Pullman Hotels & Resorts, AccorHotels’ new generation of upscale hotels, is a cosmopolitan brand that offers hyper-connected travelers an experience that combines both efficiency and wellness.

Global nomads are captivated by the brand and appreciate its business, fitness and restaurant facilities as well as its focus on innovative design.  Pullman has over 117 hotels and resorts in 31 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

AccorHotels, the world’s leading hotel operator, is present in 95 countries with more than 4,000 hotels and 240,000 employees.

Source: Accor Greater China



中国香港 2016年09月29日 / 雅高酒店集团宣布铂尔曼品牌全新艺术元素“艺术家的游乐场(Pullman Artist Playground)”在香港作全球首站启动。香港柏宁铂尔曼酒店以美籍香港摄影师Michael Kistler《Melt With You》的香港城市夜景系列摄影作品展示,成为首家参与这一全球最新品牌标志性艺术活动的酒店。

铂尔曼酒店分布在充满活力的都会城市,推崇设计、艺术、摄影和当地文化的品牌理念。各品牌酒店通过与全球知名艺术家和设计师合作,诠释全新的艺术家的游乐场(Artist Playground)的品牌理念,赋予艺术更多活力和意义。铂尔曼艺术家的游乐场(Pullman Artist Playground)以部分画廊和部分工作室的展现形式,通过融合本地特色、独特文化和独具匠心的视觉融合,为客人带来富有创意、难以忘怀的体验。

雅高酒店集团大中华区首席运营官莫力(Michel Molliet)表示:“我们非常高兴能够在香港柏宁铂尔曼酒店以Michael Kistler的最新都市夜景系列摄影作品,发起铂尔曼艺术家的游乐场(Pullman Artist Playground )品牌活动。这一摄影展通过艺术、设计和本地文化展示,在这被喻为全球具活力的香港为香港柏宁铂尔曼酒店客人提供体验品牌标志元素的机会。”

摄影展将在位于铜锣湾中心地带现代繁忙的Ebb & Flow大堂吧展出,由现在开始持续至2017年2月。 Ebb & Flow设计富现代简约感,配合最新科技的设备,以及多类型美食,确保了时髦现代的体验式生活方式。 Ebb & Flow不仅是酒店的大堂吧,其前沿的理念,融合创意、舒适、发现和享乐主义的生活方式,而成为现今追求高度连接的年轻一代和热爱周游列国的旅行家们的聚会目的地选择。

此次,香港柏宁铂尔曼酒店与国际知名Galerie Junger画廊联手,带来Kistler八幅富有创意、以摄影师的镜头呈现出关于香港日常城市景观及都市各种面貌相互重叠、共存及结合所产生最独一无二画面的艺术作品,这些照片成功地呈现城市景色,窥视城市人的日常生活,显露出立体鲜明的个性特色。

Michael Kistler来自美国明尼苏达州,旅居亚洲多个城市达十五年之久。在日本东京生活的十年间,他尝试以朦胧的角度、移动、抽象的方式呈现景观,从而形成了其特有的摄影风格。到香港生活后的Kistler被这里抽象的人文与繁忙的城市的连接所吸引,在Kistler看来,静态的城市景观下,人们来来往往,创造稍纵即逝的精彩瞬间的动态景象。 Michael Kistler的作品被广泛展出并出版。





Source: 雅高酒店集团大中华区



中国北京 2016年09月29日 / 北京中国大饭店任命陈韦霖先生为市场销售总监。陈韦霖先生将直接向香格里拉酒店集团副总裁及北京中国大饭店总经理謝國林先生汇报,并负责北京中国大饭店市场销售部全面运营工作。





Source: 北京中国大饭店



中国北京 2016年09月29日 / 今天,酒店业最标志性、最具远见卓识的企业——万豪国际(纳斯达克股票代码:MAR)完成了对喜达屋酒店与度假酒店国际集团的收购,旗下声望卓著、倍受青睐的品牌数量由此增加至30个。


万豪旗下领先的忠诚计划——万豪礼赏(包括丽思卡尔顿礼赏)和SPG俱乐部——将开始在网站上让会员关联账户,会员由此将享受到以上每一个计划提供的对应礼遇和体验。任何一个计划的会员都将在另外两个计划中获得同等级别的会籍,也能够在三个计划之间互转积分,以及用积分兑换更多目的地的旅行体验。关联账户后,会员可按3:1的比例转换积分(万豪礼赏3积分 = SPG俱乐部1个Starpoint),积分可用来兑换住宿,或在“万豪礼赏瞬时开启”和SPG俱乐部的“SPG Moments专属时刻”平台上兑换参加精彩活动的资格。



Source: Marriott International



中国香港 2016年09月27日 / 雅高酒店集团近日支持奥比斯于9月25日在香港举办的“食走黑暗”慈善晚宴。这是雅高及旗下香港酒店连续第二年支持奥比斯的这一活动。支持酒店包括:香港柏宁铂尔曼酒店、香港诺富特世纪酒店、香港诺富特东荟城酒店、香港九龙诺富特酒店、宜必思香港中上环酒店以及宜必思香港北角酒店。



雅高酒店集团大中华区首席运营官莫力(Michel Molliet)表示:“这一活动为雅高的企业社会责任项目增添了特殊的意义。它让我们更能体会视障患者在日常生活中的困难。与奥比斯的合作践行了我们在企业社会责任方面的长期承诺,并帮助我们继续回馈当地社区。感谢助力此次活动圆满成功的各家酒店。”



奥比斯中国及香港筹募发展总监刘慧思(Mary Lau)表示:“这是我们第四次举办‘食走黑暗’活动。今年,奥比斯第三代眼科飞机医院项目启动,我们相信它将带来更强大的医疗和项目交流能力,并帮助我们为视障患者提供更好的未来。我们已在中国沈阳开始了眼科飞机医院的首次救盲项目。我还想借此机会感谢雅高酒店集团以及旗下香港酒店对今晚活动的慷慨赞助,也谢谢他们与我们共同努力减少可预防的失明。”

Source: 雅高酒店集团大中华区

Orbis Brightens the Darkness for Children in China With Charity Dinner


Hong Kong, China, September 27, 2016 / - AccorHotels supported the Orbis Darkness To Go charity dinner in Hong Kong on September 25. For the second year in succession, the group's properties in Hong Kong joined forces in supporting this very successful event. The participating hotels were The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel, Novotel Hong Kong Century, Novotel Hong Kong Citygate, Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Kowloon, ibis Hong Kong Central & Sheung Wan and ibis Hong Kong North Point.

This very special theme event took place at Novotel Hong Kong Century. More than 200 guests attended and the evening raised over HK$180,000 for charity.

This dinner offered participants the unusual experience of relying on only four of their five senses – sound, taste, touch and smell – as their eyes were blindfolded throughout the meal. The aim of the event was to do more than fundraising as it was also intended to help participants reach a better understanding of the challenges faced by the visually-impaired.

“This is a doubly meaningful event,” said Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer, AccorHotels Greater China.  “I am sure that the evening has given us all a greater awareness of the daily challenges facing the visually-impaired. We have enjoyed a novel and thought provoking experience in addition to the highly satisfying fund raising aspect of the evening. I'd like to thank everyone involved in making this event such a success. Our collaboration with Orbis is part of AccorHotels' long-standing commitment to give back to local communities.”

“This is our fourth Darkness to Go dinner. With the launch of the third generation Flying Eye Hospital (FEH), we believe the more enhanced medical and communication capabilities of this new Flying Eye Hospital will enable us to create better futures for the visually impaired. In addition to that, we have kick-started its first sight-saving mission in Shenyang, China in September. ” said Mary Lau, Orbis Director of Development, China and Hong Kong. “I would like to grasp this opportunity to express my very special thanks to AccorHotels and its properties in Hong Kong for their generous sponsorship on the event for joining us to eliminate avoidable blindness.”

The Darkness to Go dinner was part of the group's continuing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme aimed at preventing avoidable blindness among children in rural China.

Since June 2014 AccorHotels and Orbis have collaborated in Stay for Brightness CSR programme. Designed and implemented with the aim of developing comprehensive eye care for children, this programme helps to make high quality ophthalmological services accessible and affordable for disadvantaged children.

Source: Accor Greater China



英国伦敦 2016年09月27日 / 目前,来自UltraCap公司的科研人员对 新型“绿色”电动汽车固态电池的研发已进入最后阶段。他们声称该款电池在重量上仅有锂离子电池的1/40。UltraCap公司创始人、Vladimir Krstic教授与Nico Van Dongen表示Ultra Capacitor(超级电容)这款新电池能够在几分钟内完成充电,并且归根结底,这款袖珍型电池将使我们向零排放出行更近了一步。




该公司目前正在研制原型电池,预期重量不到20千克(特斯拉Model S 70kWh电池组重量达535千克),充满电后能支持连续5个小时的行驶。原型研制完成后,将在电动汽车上进行全面测试。




Vladimir Krstic是UltraCap投资有限公司联合创始人之一,加拿大金斯顿皇后大学教授,拥有30余年管理政府及私营部门资助项目的经验。Krstic教授目前已成功完成了由各类联邦和省级项目以及私营企业投资的30多个项目。他也是多项新技术的发明人,在功能陶瓷领域内已有8项自己完成以及同别人合作的专利。


如需对Vladimir Krstic教授进行专访,请拨打电话+(44) 020 3239 4071(电子邮件:[email protected])联系Nico van Dongen,或拨打+(1) 613 533 2760联系Vladimir Krstic教授,了解相关的技术性问题。

Source: UltraCap Investment Ltd.

UltraCap Creates Revolutionary Lightweight Car Battery


London, United Kingdom, September 27, 2016 / - Scientists from London based UltraCap Ltd., are in the final stages of developing a 'green' solid state battery for electric vehicles that they claim will be 40 times lighter than current Lithium-Ion batteries. UltraCap founders, Professor Vladimir Krstic and Nico Van Dongen, say their new battery, the UltraCapacitor, will be able to charge within minutes and that, eventually, a pocket sized version of the battery will bring us one step closer to emission-free transportation.

The key to Professor Krstic's invention is a ceramic-based, high capacitance capacitator that, unlike current chemical-based solid-state batteries (such as the Lithium-Ion battery), is eco-friendly.

Krstic says: "Right now, electric car batteries are acid-based, toxic, environmentally-unfriendly and heavy with a limited life span. Moreover, charging stations remain scarce. Our UltraCapacitor will significantly reduce the long hours currently required to recharge electric cars. It can endure millions of charging cycles, is fully recyclable and contains no environmentally harmful elements. It paves the way for zero-emission transportation worldwide."

A battery breakthrough
Krstic has already proved that his ceramic battery can contain much more electricity in a smaller size than current chemical based batteries. This is due to a multi-layered capacitator design, containing a ceramic di-electric non-conductor. What happens is a number of these capacitators are daisy-chained together to form a small, lightweight green battery. Using this technology, the release of electricity is not limited by chemical reaction rates, so electric cars can recharge in minutes as opposed to hours. Furthermore, production of this next-generation battery will be cheaper and cleaner, making electric vehicles more affordable in future.

The company is currently developing a prototype that is anticipated to weigh less than 20kg (the Tesla Model S 70kWh battery package weighs 535kg) and deliver five consecutive hours of driving. Once complete, the prototype will be fully tested in an electric car.

Krstic believes the technology can be improved further and that heavy chemical-based batteries will soon become redundant: "We can make the ceramic di-electric much thinner and lighter without losing electrical capacity and create pocket size car batteries in the near future.' The technology has the potential to revolutionize the way electrical energy is stored and transported. Due to high energy density and small size, it will be possible to charge the device in all regions of the world where electricity is abundant and inexpensive and then transport it to urban areas where it is needed the most."

UltraCap is currently looking for funding to develop the project further.

About Prof Krstic 
Krstic is co-founder of UltraCap Investment Ltd and a professor at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada with a track record in managing government and private sector funded projects for more than 30 years, Dr. Krstic has successfully completed more than 30 different projects funded by various federal and provincial programs, as well as private sector companies. He is also inventor of several new technologies and has authored and co-authored eight patents in the area of advanced functional ceramics.

Visit for more technical information.

For an exclusive interview with Prof. Dr. Krstic, please call Nico van Dongen at Tel: +(44) 020 3239 4071 (email: [email protected]) or Professor Vladimir Krstic at +(1) 613 533 2760 for any technical questions.

Source: UltraCap Investment Ltd.

AccorHotels launches triple Hotel openings in Anhui Province


Shanghai, China, September 26, 2016 / - AccorHotels and Wanda Group have jointly announced the opening of three new hotels under Pullman, Novotel and Mercure branding in Hefei, Anhui Province. This latest project is a key development under the Hefei Wanda Cultural Tourism City. This is the province’s largest hospitality investment with a total construction land area covering over 900,000sqm.

Pullman, Novotel and Mercure Hefei Wanda form part of the project’s hotel cluster, featuring 1,570 guest rooms, 4 restaurants, 3 bars and 2,940 square metres of banquet and meeting space, including an 800-square-metre ballroom in addition to the wellness facilities. Together, the three properties offer the largest guest room inventory in the Greater China portfolio for AcccorHotels.

“This is our major project with Wanda Group to date in Greater China. The opening of these three hotels brings our network to 187 operating hotels and resorts in the region,” said Michel Molliet, Chief Operating Officer of AccorHotels Greater China. “The project marks another milestone in our commitment in developing China’s dynamic tertiary cities. We feel upbeat and excited with this development as the tranquil landscaped surrounds and private lakeside area provide the ideal space for business and leisure travel.”

Pullman Hefei Wanda features 404 guestrooms and suites, with the brand’s signature bedding, linen and amenities. Food and beverage options include Lakeside Restaurant, an all-day dining restaurant offering local specialities and Hui Chinese restaurant offering authentic local cuisine. The hotel also has a lively Lobby Bar and a Deli. State-of-the-art meetings and events space of over 2,200 square metres including the Grand Ballroom can accommodate up to 800 guests. Leisure facilities include an indoor swimming pool, Fit Lounge, a private beach, billiard room, table tennis room, plus jogging track, cycling trail and an outdoor children’s playground.

The 589 guestrooms at Novotel Hefei Wanda features a private balcony with stylish designs that reflect a local charm. The hotel’s three meeting rooms offer natural daylight and are equipped with the latest audio-visual technology. Dining options include Food Exchange Restaurant, a signature all-day dining restaurant, a Gourmet Bar and the Deli offering light snacks and a variety of sandwiches.

Featuring 577 guest rooms and suites with a private balcony, Mercure Hefei Wanda offers guests warm experience with its locally inspired room designs and architectural surrounds. Dining options include one restaurant and a bar that offer an extensive range of international cuisine. Fitness enthusiast can look forward to a complete work out at its indoor gym. For meetings, events and team building activities, the hotel features four meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 140 guests.

Hefei is a prefecture level city, the provincial capital of Anhui. It is less than an hour from Nanjing and two hours from Shanghai by high-speed train, and one hour from Shanghai by plane.

The triple AccorHotels’ opening form part of Hefei Wanda Cultural Tourism City, a multi-faceted investment project in the heart of Wanda Hefei International Resort Complex at the centre of Binhu District which is a 10 minute drive from the city’s downtown area. The resort complex offers a world-class holiday and tourism destination for travel, shopping, and recreation which includes a cultural theme park, a high-tech film park, an indoor aquatic park with constant year-round temperature, a shopping Mall and various food and beverage outlets.

Source: Accor Greater China



中国上海 2016年09月26日 / 雅高酒店集团宣布携手万达集团,旗下三家酒店在安徽合肥开业。合肥万达铂尔曼酒店、合肥万达诺富特酒店和合肥万达美居酒店,这一最新项目是合肥万达文化旅游城的重点发展部分,亦是安徽省最大的酒店投资项目的一部分,总建筑面积占地超过90万平方米。

铂尔曼、诺富特和美居合肥万达酒店作为该项目的酒店集群的一部分,共设1,570 间客房、4家餐厅、3间酒吧,还有共计2,940平方米的宴会和会议场地,其中包括一个800平方米的宴会厅,并配有健身设施。三家酒店共拥有的客房总量在雅高酒店集团大中华区酒店网络中位居首位。

雅高酒店集团大中华区首席运营官莫力 (Michel Molliet) 表示,“这是与万达集团在大中华区合作的重点项目。随着三家酒店的开业,雅高酒店集团在大中华区运营的酒店和度假酒店增至187家。这是我们又一个重要的里程碑,体现了我们致力于开发中国潜力十足的三线城市的承诺。雅致的周边环境,清净的湖滨区域,是商务及休闲旅客理想的下榻之所。我们对此项目的发展充满信心并为之兴奋。”

合肥万达铂尔曼酒店设有404间客房和套房,并配备铂尔曼品牌标志性的床品和卫浴用品。酒店设有众多餐饮场所可供选择,包括提供本地特色菜肴的全日制餐厅以及供应纯正当地佳肴的徽中餐厅,还设有充满活力的大堂酒廊和美食坊。酒店提供总面积达 2,200 平方米的各类会议活动场地,其中包括一个可容纳 800 位客人的宴会厅。酒店休闲娱乐设施齐全,包括室内泳池、健身中心、私人海滩、台球室、乒乓球室、慢跑跑道、自行车道以及室外儿童游乐场。





Source: 雅高酒店集团大中华区

环球展览系列──云端科技展及世界数据中心展重返新加坡 让科技业界感到期待的300名国际供货商、300名顶级讲者、新展区将于新场地聚首


新加坡 2016年09月23日 / 承先启后,继往开来,第四届亚太云端科技展及世界数据中心展将于2016年10月12日至13日重返新加坡,假滨海湾金沙会议展览中心举行。展览场地经过重新挑选,届时世界一流水平的科技专家将再度聚首,一同为首次举办的云端安全展揭开序幕,并向各位介绍智能物联网特选展区。

是次展览预计会有超过13,000名来自整个云端及数据中心生态系统的科技专才出席,与会者可以从多个主题演讲、专题讨论小组及由专家带动的圆桌会议当中洞悉行业先机,获得实战技巧。国际级的知名讲者超过300人,包括BookDoc的创办人Chevy Beh、Orange Business Services的高级总监Derrick Loi、亚洲云端运算协会的执行董事May-Ann Lim、孤独星球(Lonely Planet)云端服务主管Darragh Kennedy及Eltek ASA数据中心业务环球总监Geraint Davies。

到场出席的专业人士可享有独家机会,测试及比较由超过300家国际供货商提供的方案、产品及服务,包括戴尔(Dell)、华为、IBM、BT Global、Keppel Data Centres、红帽(Red Hat)、Digital Realty、StarHub、英特尔(Intel)、爱立信(Ericsson)、NTT Communications及CenturyLink。


有关本年度的展览要点,CloserStill Media的集团项目总监Andy Kiwanuka认为:「对于能够推动及继续积极发掘云端科技范畴内的关键技术,我们实在感到跃动不已;亚太云端科技展、世界数据中心展、云端安全展及智能物联网展将为各位呈献最切身的业务方案,以协助一众顶尖级别的科技专才制订往后的策略。云端科技无处不在,各大创新企业亦应权衡其中的比重,从而提升企业的产能,换取更大的收益。」


有关CloserStill Media
CloserStill Media专攻国际的B2B贸易展览。就科技市场而言,上述的展览涉足全球五个地区,超过40,000名代表及逾1,500名参展商。其展览项目包括多个发展迅速、获奖无数的展览,例如欧洲云端科技展(Cloud Expo Europe)及世界数据中心展(Data Centre World)。CloserStill 所举办展览多不胜数,其质素、来宾的相关性之高亦深受各界认同,可谓无人能比。CloserStill 的工作团队更以行业先导而见称,在欧洲及亚洲多个国际展览中赢得不少奖项,包括连续五次获得最佳市场营销经理,及连续两年获得最佳贸易展览、最佳推广展览及Rising Star。CloserStill的总公司设于伦敦,另在新加坡及香港设有办公室。


Source: CloserStill Media

威斯汀品牌携手著名插画师Johanna Basford于亚太区酒店推出独家定制减压填色卡片


中国北京 2016年09月22日 / 作为酒店创新领先者的威斯汀酒店及度假村品牌宣布,将以品牌的“舒畅身心”这一健康要素为核心,与知名插画师Johanna Basford展开亚太区合作项目。通过此次合作,宾客将于2016年9月至2017年伊始在亚太区近50家威斯汀酒店与度假酒店中找到由Johanna Basford独家定制设计的填色卡片,更多合作细节将在未来几个月内公布。

“非常高兴能与威斯汀酒店合作”Johanna Basford 表示,“我很欣赏威斯汀在提升宾客健康体验方面所推出的项目,威斯汀为宾客提供轻松舒适的入住氛围,并通过创意的方式帮助客人放松身心,舒缓压力。”


喜达屋酒店与度假酒店国际集团亚太区品牌管理高级总监王为申先生(Vincent Ong)表示,“我们非常高兴能与以擅长成人涂色绘本创作的知名插画师Johanna Basford合作,让更多人收获有益灵感。威斯汀所做的每件事都是为了帮助宾客获得最佳的状态。此次合作也体现了威斯汀一直以来对健康理念的追求,因为涂色能够帮助我们的客人放松身心,缓解压力,并激发创造力。”

威斯汀致力于关注旅行者在入住前后及期间的健康状态,因此打造了一系列的健康计划与合作活动,旨在全方位地构筑健康生活方式,诠释品牌的六大健康要素,即营养美味、酣然好梦、活力运动、妙趣玩乐、高效工作和舒畅身心。此番与Johanna Basford的合作就是围绕“舒畅身心”这一点,帮助客人们在旅途中保持平和、放松和专注的心境。


Source: Westin Beijing Chaoyang

Pitch.Asia Celebrates First Anniversary As Platform To Connect Media To Key Opinion Leaders In Asia


Hong Kong, China, September 22, 2016 / - You're a journalist whose article deadline is fast approaching and you still need a few more sources and background to make your story standout. Where do you go and how do you find the right expert for inclusion in your article? Prayers for many journalists in Asia were answered last year when Pitch.Asia launched.

Pitch.Asia launched in September 2015 as the definitive platform for connecting journalists to experts in Asia. Now with over 20,000 registered users, Pitch.Asia connects journalists with experts ready to provide insight into important news-worthy topics at https://www.Pitch.Asia.

Pitch.Asia provides a news dashboard covering business, political, and social news from across Asia from Afghanistan to Japan and down to Malaysia; online job boards for journalists; a query service for reporters to seek comments from registered industry experts; and online forums for journalists to exchange knowledge. Registration continues to be free for both experts and journalists.

Journalists login to Pitch.Asia and post media queries. Experts are then emailed queries from journalists. If an expert thinks he/she is able to respond, then the expert responds with appropriate information. The journalist's contact details are kept secret and provided with special redirection emails so experts won't abuse their access to the media.Ultimately, if the journalist uses the expert's statement, then the expert gains valuable media exposure, for free. Experts help reporters, and the reporters help the experts!

About Pitch.Asia
Journalists want to hear better pitches, and experts need to have their voices heard. Pitch.Asia connects Asia's top expert sources with the bloggers, journalists, writers, and reporters covering important activities in Asia. We are backed by Matoka Capital and use their parent company's offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Contact us for more information at https://www.Pitch.Asia

Source: Pitch.Asia

300 Leading Cloud Providers And Solution Leaders Present World-Class Solutions In Asia


Singapore, September 21, 2016 / - Cloud Expo Asia is the very best place to discover the industry's newest and upcoming technologies and business solutions.

Join us this 12-13 October at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for Asia's largest cloud event for business and get access to the world's best cloud expertise, a world-class conference programme and a host of exciting event features:

Make plans to source from 300 leading cloud providers and solution leaders including Dell, Huawei, BT Global, IBM, Red Hat, Digital Realty, CenturyLink, StarHub, IMIT Advisory, Intel, Ericsson and many more. Be inspired by some 300 prominent industry experts from blue-chip companies, leading organisations, service providers and innovative SMEs including Standard Chartered Bank, INTERPOL, Yahoo!, Jones Lang LaSalle, PT. Bank Commonwealth, Lonely Planet, Eltek ASA and many more – all speaking in a compelling conference and seminar programme, which covers all the major technology and business issues.

You will be able to network with thousands of your peers, industry visionaries, leaders and people who have faced – and overcome – the same challenges as you.

Benefit from our brand new feature – Smart IoT Singapore, a platform for practitioners to explore this exciting new area of innovation. And visit our industry-leading sister events for free on the same ticket access– Data Centre World, and brand new launch event Cloud Security Expo, covering the critical issues of keeping cloud safe and secure. 

Come and join the senior IT decision makers from enterprises, public sector, SMBs and service providers making both cloud investment and strategy decisions and developing and executing specific technology projects.

Register now for your FREE ticket:

Source: CloserStill Media

Cloud Security Experts Converge For Epic Event In Asia


Singapore, September 21, 2016 / - Cloud Security Expo Singapore, to be held October 12-13, 2016 is the only cloud security event in Asia that will help you find the all right solutions to your cloud security concerns. Join us this October at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore with the top business leaders and decision makers from across organisations and sectors already benefitting from securing their cloud with confidence.

Access 150+ cutting-edge suppliers showcasing the latest technology solutions and services, including Barracuda, BT, Sophos, Akamai, Sangfor, Fuijitsu, Imperva, Leaseweb and many more.

Attend and learn from over 40 real-life case studies, including security focused streams covered in the conference agenda include: Compliance and Regulation, Data Protection, Infrastructure Security, Compliance Monitoring, Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Cyber Security. Learn from dozens of expert practitioners from blue chip companies, service providers and leading organisations including Dell, Baidu Research, HSBC, INTERPOL and Carlson Wagonlit Travel.

Visit the award-winning co-located events, Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World, the largest gathering of 13,000 senior IT professionals in Asia. Come and join the CISOs, Heads of IT Security, cloud architects and senior executives from organisations across industry sectors who will be attending Cloud Security Expo, Singapore 2016.

Register now for your FREE tickets:

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Data Centre World Arrives In Asia Next Month


Singapore, September 21, 2016 / - Join us this October 12-13 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for Asia's largest and most influential gathering of Data Centre expertise. Expect two power-packed days of invaluable knowledge sharing, education and business, completely free of charge.

Source from  300 leading suppliers, including Dell, Huawei, Keppel Data Centres, Digital Realty, Kingsland Data Centre, CenturyLink, StarHub, NTT Communications, Equinix, Intel DCM and many more. Attendees will be inspired by 300 prominent industry experts covering a plethora of topics including real life case-studies from blue-chip companies, leading organisations, service providers and innovative SMEs including Standard Chartered Bank, INTERPOL, Yahoo!, Jones Lang LaSalle, PT. Bank Commonwealth, Lonely Planet, Eltek ASA and many more

At the event, network with thousands of your peers, industry visionaries, leaders and people who have faced – and overcome – the same challenges as you. Be the first to experience Asia's first ever, live and fully functioning Green Data Centre. Housing products from over 20 sponsors, the DCW Green Data Centre is a live interactive feature that showcases the practical implementation of products from cooling units and fans, to cables and perimeter fencing. This is the only feature of its kind at any exhibition in the world, showing key data centre components operating in their natural environments.

Experience incredible networking and problem-solving opportunities with thousands of your peers from IT Professionals from MNCs, enterprise, public sector to SMEs making real data centre strategy decisions, find it all at Data Centre World 2016.

Visit our industry-leading sister events for free on the same ticket access – Cloud Expo Asia, and brand new launch event Cloud Security Expo, covering the critical issues of keeping cloud safe and secure.

Whether you are responsible for a server room or a tier 4 data centre, or anything in between. Wherever you are on the data centre spectrum, you and your whole team will find answers to your questions at Data Centre World, Singapore 2016.

Register now for your FREE tickets:


Source: CloserStill Media

More than 3,500 Commercial Drone Professionals from 54 countries Showcase UAV Market Growth at InterDrone 2016


New York, USA, September 20, 2016 / - BZ Media LLC announced today that InterDrone The International Drone Conference & Exposition held at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas Sept 7-9 drew 3,518 attendees from 54 different countries on 6 continents. The event featured 155 exhibitors and sponsors in more than 230 booths. FAA Administrator Michael P. Huerta gave the Grand Opening Keynote speech to thousands gathered on the first day.

“The second year of InterDrone leapt over every high bar that the first show had set,” said Ted Bahr, Chairman of InterDrone. “Its success reflects the exciting growth in the commercial drone market and the strong desire of businesses to take part in it. Attendance grew 26% and we had 58% more exhibitors and sponsors than last year. More than 260 media and association partners have helped build InterDrone into the largest dedicated commercial UAV event in the world.”

“InterDrone 2016 took Vegas by storm. Enthusiasts from every state and over 50 countries gathered together to geek out over the latest products and services.  I found myself mesmerized,” said Nathan Tennant, a Blogger and Instructor with UAV Ground School. Anthony Merlino, CEO, Verge Aero added, “We heard such great feedback on the opening day, we literally bought plane tickets and flew across the country to be here for the final days!”

Exhibitors and sponsors included a cross section of the entire commercial drone industry including AeroVironment, PrecisionHawk, Yuneec, Intel, SenseFly, Insitu, Parrot, NovaTel, 3D Robotics, eHang, Autel, AUVSI, Hubsan, C-Astral, Brother, Airbus, SlantRange, Kodak, Flir, Parrot, AEGis Technologies, Sentera, and pavilions from Iowa, North Dakota and Nevada.

“InterDrone has been a great show for us. Traffic has been really good. The people who were coming by were knowledgeable and asking great questions. We feel like the show definitely paid for itself and we’ll be back in 2017,” said Adam Sloane, Founder, BirdsEyeView Aerobotics. John Ferguson, CEO of Saxon Remote Systems added, “Our staff was absolutely exhausted. There were nine of us working the booth and not one person had five minutes to sit down the entire show. The traffic was overwhelming. We were definitely making sales, getting tremendous contacts and generating a lot of interest.”

39 companies announced or showed new products at InterDrone, including Yuneec, PowerVision Robotics, Parrot, Intel, Epson, Flir, Insitu, Lidar USA, Hubsan, Leptron, and Kodak. The showstopper was displayed by Japanese robotics company Prodrone, making its first appearance in the United States, with a large hexacopter sporting two robotic arms with claws capable of carrying 44-pound loads for a flight time of up to 30 minutes.

InterDrone featured the second annual Women in Drones Luncheon networking event which was sponsored by Intel and tripled attendance to more than 180 participants. The show debuted a special session called Diversity Rising: Opportunities for Minorities in the Commercial Drone Industry, sponsored by the State of Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), and held a STEM session called Drones, Software, and Data Analysis in STEM Education – Tomorrow’s Workforce.

The InterDrone Film Festival received more than 300 submissions from 21 countries and winners in six categories were announced at a reception. Frank Shroth, Editor, said, “There is a tremendous amount going on at the InterDrone trade show!  Exhibitor and attendance numbers were both up substantially and a persistent excitement and enthusiasm level was omnipresent at the conference.”

The technical conference featured 121 classes and panels that were led by 183 speakers. Christopher Karody, Editor, said, “[InterDrone] brought together a ‘who’s who’ from every corner of the drone industry. The very considerable expertise and brainpower was showcased in a non-stop smorgasbord of sessions, keynotes and neat events.  This was one amazing conference and I am proud to have been part of it.”

The InterDrone 2016 Photo Gallery URL is

InterDrone 2017 will be held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas from September 18-20, 2017.

More information about the show is at For information on exhibiting or event sponsorships, please contact Ted Bahr at [email protected] or +1 631-421-4158 x101.

Source: BZ Media



中国上海 2016年09月20日 / 此次索菲特美酒节不仅将通过一系列活动展现索菲特对美酒的关注,更可以让大家有机会大胆探索美酒的世界,加深对葡萄酒文化的理解。


凭借此次美酒节的契机,索菲特品牌委托法国公众舆论协会(French Institute of Public Opinion)于2015年开展一项针对葡萄酒艺术的研究。这项独家研究由2015年《葡萄酒的真实形象及想象形象》(Image and Imaginary of Wine)和2016年《葡萄酒消费》(Wine Consumption)两部分组成,受访者来自澳大利亚、巴西、中国、法国、印度、俄罗斯和美国等七个国家。去年,此项研究展示了关于葡萄酒的真实形象及想象形象的一些有趣发现。今年,索菲特聚焦葡萄酒消费的现状。全新的研究图表将通过社交网络发布,敬请关注#SofitelWineDays标签。




作为第五届索菲特美酒节,今年全球的主题是致敬美酒艺术。在大中华区,2016索菲特美酒节将为客人带来专为中国消费者定制、丰富多彩的活动。为数众多的品酒会、活动、发现和会议将在索菲特酒店举行,为客人带来丰富多彩的美酒体验。首位常驻中国大陆的葡萄酒大师赵凤仪女士将作为嘉宾侍酒师在北京万达索菲特大饭店和西安索菲特传奇酒店展开葡萄酒大师课程,出席分别在两家酒店举办的索菲特美酒节开幕及闭幕活动。在北京万达索菲特大饭店,赵凤仪女士还将与Héritage法国餐厅主厨Fatela Yohan合作,定制美酒晚宴餐单。

昆明索菲特大酒店将在10月28日和29日两天举办“夜宴”活动,以创意餐单搭配葡萄酒和鸡尾酒。10月14日,在南京苏宁索菲特银河大酒店客人将有机会探索产自豪斯古堡酒庄的吉哈伯通(Gérard Bertrand) 和Château l’Hospitalet在内的非主流法国有机葡萄酒。客人还可参与“美酒及萨克斯风”晚宴,葡萄酒调制的鸡尾酒以及享用美食餐点。


如有需要,可获取2015 – 2016年 《 索菲特美酒节 》完整研究报告。

Source: 雅高酒店集团大中华区

The “Art Of Wine” Is Celebrated In China Through End Of October


Shanghai, China, September 20, 2016 / - This 5th edition of Wine Days will provide the opportunity to illustrate Sofitel's commitment to wine by means of a variety of events that will enable everyone to make daring new discoveries or deepen their knowledge of the world of wine.

On the occasion of its wine days, Sofitel commissioned a study in 2015 with the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) about the art of wine. This exclusive study in two parts (Image and Imaginary of Wine in 2015 and Wine Consumption in 2016) had a study sample from seven countries (Australia, Brazil, China, France, India, Russia, and the United States). Last year, the study revealed compelling findings about the image and imaginary of wine. This year, Sofitel has focused on how wine is currently consumed. Brand new graphics will be unveiled on social media under the hashtag #SofitelWineDays.

From Australia to India as well as the United States, the desire to know more about wine is everywhere. This goes hand in hand with the general increase in the number of consumers. According to a study presented by Sofitel, 34% of those surveyed define themselves as wine novices but are keen to know about French wines. Furthermore, 45% of those surveyed – across all nationalities – expressed a desire to further their knowledge of French wines. “This confirms that France is a world leader in this field, with an undeniable image of excellence that is recognised all over the world.”

Sofitel Wine Days tastings represent a unique experience for wine lovers, providing the ideal framework to benefit from the brand's know-how, thanks in particular to its 50 years' experience that has allowed it to refine its expertise, its master sommeliers, a high quality wine library and exceptional wines served at the event.

Now in its fifth year, the common theme of this celebration is to pay tribute to wine. In Greater China, the 2016 edition offers guests a dazzling programme of events, which have been specially designed for the occasion. Numerous tastings, events, discoveries and meetings will be held at Sofitel hotels, offering diverse wine-oriented experiences to guests. The First Master of Wine in Mainland China, Fongyee Walker, has been invited as a guest sommelier. She will conduct wine master classes and participate in opening and closing wine events at Sofitel Wanda Beijing and Sofitel Legend People's Grand Hotel Xian, as well as creating a wine dinner menu with French Chef de Cuisine Fatela Yohan at Heritage French restaurant at Sofitel Wanda Beijing.

Sofitel Kunming will host a “Dining in the dark” event, featuring a creative menu with wines and cocktails, on 28th and 29th October. At Sofitel Nanjing Galaxy, on 14th October, guests will be able to explore the pleasurable experiences hidden in the less familiar world of French organic wines including Gérard Bertrand and Château l'Hospitalet. Customers can also attend “After-work Wine & Saxophone” evenings, savour wine-based cocktails and enjoy gastronomic meals.

Sofitel Wine Days in Greater China will delight guests with a number of other surprises, for the enjoyment of amateurs and aficionados alike!

The complete study 2015 – 2016 « Sofitel Wine Days » is available on request.

Source: Accor Greater China



中国北京 2016年09月19日 / 中秋佳节来临之际,北京新世界酒店行政委员会全体成员于2016年9月14日拜访北京阳光爱儿童智能康复中心,关爱自闭症儿童。






Source: 新世界酒店集团