Media Alert: Adobe Transforms In-Car Experiences Through Data-Driven Personalization

Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2017 / - New Analytics, Content Delivery and Advertising Capabilities Help Advance Connected Car From Voice to Driverless and Beyond

Hong Kong — 28 September 2017 — Cars have an untapped potential for consumer engagement, considering that U.S. consumers spend an average of 55 minutes each day behind the wheel. As the ecosystem of connected, in-car services grows – stemming from advancements in voice interfaces, self-driving technology and infotainment system apps – consumer interest and expectations are on the rise. Auto makers and branded apps are being challenged to deliver seamless and personalized digital experiences for both drivers and passengers without sacrificing safety.

To advance the in-car experience Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced new automotive focused analytics, personalization and advertising capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud that give brands the ability to deliver unique consumer experiences. For auto makers and in-car app developers, customer data across various touch points can now be leveraged to inform different types of content including personalized playlists, on-route recommendations and audio ads. The 10 largest automakers in the world already use Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver customer experiences, and Adobe is working with these brands along with ecosystem players like Automotive Grade Linux project to advance new digital in-car capabilities.

“In the automotive industry, in-car digital services are opening up new revenue sources and pushing brands to become true experience businesses,” said Amit Ahuja, vice president of Emerging Businesses, Adobe Experience Cloud. “With consumer expectations at an all-time high, content has to be informed with data insights to satisfy individual preferences. As car rides transform into immersive, personalized digital experiences, Adobe gives brands the tools to be exceptional no matter where they engage the customer.”

New connected car capabilities in Experience Cloud include:

#8226; Understanding Drive Time Behavior: Adobe is extending its measurement capabilities in Adobe Analytics Cloud so brands can begin to capture behavioral signals in the car such as voice interactions. Merged with customer data from other channels, these insights will drive truly personalized experiences. For example, a recommendation service could deliver a fast food restaurant promotion based on location data and known preferences. With AI and machine learning in Adobe Sensei, brands have a better pulse on user behavior through automated analysis and recommendations. If a voice interaction failed and forced the driver to use the touchscreen for example, brands can be notified and improve the experience.

#8226; Delivering Personalized In-Car Content: Data insights can be optimized and actioned through solutions in Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe Experience Manager lets brands design, manage and serve contextual and engaging experiences such as music or news content on in-car screens. Adobe Target allows brands to perform and optimize different content variations in the car while Adobe Campaign gives brands a delivery platform for in-car messages in any format enabling regular one-on-one personalized engagement with drivers and passengers. A car maker could deliver a tailored audio message for a new and customized lease offer, for example.

#8226; Serving Targeted Audio Ads: As top digital radio and streaming music apps continue to be added to the in-car experience, Adobe Advertising Cloud offers targeted buying of audio ads as part of its cross-channel offering. Advertisers can further personalize in-car audio ads using first-party data as well as a listener's favorite artists and music genres. And once a driver hears an ad, marketers can retarget audiences across other channels – including video, display, social and search – to drive message recall and conversions.

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“Art in MTR” Exhibition Showcases Diversified Potential of Students with Special Educational Needs at MTR Central Station

Hong Kong, China, September 29, 2017 / - Passengers will be able to enjoy a series of diversified artworks in a new “Art in MTR” exhibition near Entrance/Exit J of MTR Central Station from this Sunday (1 October 2017) to 31 October 2017. Entitled “36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled Diversified Potential Development Project Art Exhibition”, the exhibition takes passengers to explore the world of a group of students with special educational needs (SEN) through their art creations.

Organised by the “36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled”, the exhibition themed as “Flying High with Art”, is divided into four zones to showcase students’ artworks ranging from paintings and sketches to ceramics and three-dimensional creations. “’The Diversified Potential Development Project’ with art as its theme is newly added to the scholarship this year to offer encouragement to students from special schools. Through the exhibition, we hope the public can appreciate the efforts involved in the creation of these amazing artworks,” said Mr Daniel Ng, spokesperson of the 36th Shell/Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled.

“We are delighted to provide an art venue for the exhibition to support this meaningful cause. The exhibition not only unleashes students’ art potential, but also gives recognition to their remarkable efforts on continued learning as well as pays tributes to their teachers and parents who have been supporting them in overcoming various challenges in their school life,” said Ms Linda So, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.

The “36th Shell/ Island JC Scholarship for the Disabled Diversified Potential Development Project Art Exhibition” is the latest art exhibition under the “Art in MTR” programme under the Community Connect platform of MTR Corporation. “Art in MTR” has been a popular platform for aspiring artists, designers and talented individuals in the creative industries to showcase their works to the community. The objective of this programme is to enhance passenger’s travelling experience through easy access to different art elements including live performances, short-term art exhibitions and permanent displays of art pieces.

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Hong Kong, China, September 27, 2017 / - Dimension Data’s WAN optimisation solution provides operational savings and enhanced service delivery

Hong Kong, 27 September 2017 – Dimension Data, the global ICT solutions and services provider, was recently appointed by the largest life insurance company in Asia to redesign its IT environment. This included an upgrade of its data centre backbone connectivity, as well as an implementation of a WAN optimisation solution.

The organisation delivers a broad range of insurance services across 21 operational branch offices, supporting up to 17,000 agents and over 3 million customers. However, its network speed was constrained as the backbone of its data centre was still reliant on a limited 1GbE network. This led to higher maintenance costs to maintain optimal network performance, increasing the overall annual link costs between their data centre and disaster recovery centre.

Dimension Data Malaysia addressed the insurance provider’s business challenges by proposing a WAN optimisation solution. This included upgrading the data centre backbone connectivity to 10GbE, increasing the organisation’s network coverage and range along with strengthening the network’s security with a firewall.

“Our previous network constantly suffered from severe downtime despite us spending a significant sum on maintenance costs”, said a spokesperson for the organisation. “Dimension Data’s solution helped us to achieve our long-term goal in business efficiency. With Dimension Data’s established track record and expertise in networking and managed services, our organisation’s network refresh has been a seamless and successful experience.”

The implemented 10GbE network data centre backbone has improved the organisation’s networking speed by ten folds, and provided its customers with 20% faster access to its business applications. Driven by enhanced service capabilities and data centre backbone access, the insurance provider is also enjoying up to 20% savings in WAN link costs. The refreshed network is also equipped with new, stronger security capabilities for an assured e-business application experience.

“As organisations continue to grow and support an increasingly large user base, connectivity should not be taken for granted to avoid an IT nightmare,” said Henrick Choo, Managing Director of Dimension Data Malaysia. “We are glad to have supported our client in meeting their networking needs by providing sound consultation advice and implementing a solution that addressed our client’s pain points.”

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About Dimension Data
Dimension Data harnesses the transformative power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTT Group, we focus on digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, cybersecurity, and network as the platform. With a turnover of USD 7.5 billion and offices in 58 countries, we deliver services wherever our clients are, at every stage of their technology journey. Accelerate your ambition.

In Asia Pacific, we operate in 35 offices across 13 countries. We help clients enable technology, operate their IT infrastructures and transform technology solutions that deliver value. It combines an expertise in networking, security, customer experience (CX) and collaboration, data centre and end-user computing, with advanced skills in IT outsourcing, IT-as-a-Service, Systems integration services and training.


Citybeacon selects Zytronic to create ‘Smart City’ hubs in The Netherlands

Hong Kong, China, September 27, 2017 / - Zytronic, a leader in custom designed, durable Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT#8482; and MPCT#8482;) touch sensors and Citybeacon today announced the deployment of 25 interactive kiosks in Eindhoven, cradle of Dutch technology giant Philips, and of the Eindhoven University of Technology, one of the world’s leading technical universities.

Eindhoven is an energetic and innovative city located in the South of the Netherlands. A quarter of the jobs in the region are in technology and ICT, and it is one of the co-location centres of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It has welcomed the very first deployment of Citybeacon kiosks.

“Citybeacon was designed to connect the physical and digital worlds; as connectivity and interaction feature in our everyday lives, and the way in which people engage with each other and information, we decided to unify this into one solution,” said Arthur van de Poll, founder and CEO of Citybeacon. “By applying multiple technologies to street furniture, we can create a smarter, safer and healthier environment for everyone. We are especially excited that our first deployment is in such an iconic technology city.”

Working closely with OCP Solutions, developers of public outdoor communication products, Citybeacon was designed to help make cities smarter. “Blending state-of-the-art connectivity with intuitive touch screens enables visitors and residents to access relevant information about the city and local businesses, and experience their surroundings,” said Marius van Lith, CEO of OCP Solutions B.V. “We’re enabling cities to become smarter by combining a range of technologies that are scalable for the future in one unit, and the key to interacting with users is through a rugged 32” touch screen. The user experience is very important, and it was vital that the interface would provide a reliable all-weather, responsive and durable solution that reflected the qualities of Citybeacon. Zytronic’s local partner, Telerex, supported us with the selection of components, and recommended their ZYFILM#174; interactive foil for the touch solution.”

Telerex arranged for samples of the rollable ZYFILM, “They are inexpensive and easy to transport, plus once laminated to glass are stable and reliable in a wide range of environmental conditions, performing well through the locally sourced toughened glass substrates which are used to protect against potential vandalism,” said Bertram Padmos, Account Manager at Telerex. “The initial design of the 32” ZYFILM was altered slightly to integrate fully with the design, electronics and placement of buttons within the unit, which was possible thanks to Zytronic’s highly flexible manufacturing process.”

ZYFILM from Zytronic is a flexible, polyester touch film incorporating their patented multitouch technology, and is designed to be laminated to the rear surface of a rigid transparent substrate. Once applied, it is capable of detecting up to 40 simultaneous touch points through an overlay of 10mm thick or more.

The Citybeacon features a 32” ZYFILM based touch display , enabling easy access to local information, ,and directions The system also incorporates NFC, RFID, and Bluetooth based payment and mobile hand-off technologies so users can take advantage of local services such as parking and carry information to and from the kiosk. Two double sided integrated large advertising screens at the top of the unit also share information such as public service announcements and local business promotions. Air quality, UV and audience sensors provide advanced analytic data, while energy saving smart lighting adjusts to current conditions, and cameras allow public spaces to be monitored. Microphone and camera enabled full VOIP communication connects with emergency services, and free Gigabit WiFi and small cell 4G and 5G ready antennas improve coverage and connection for the sharing of information. To round things off, users can also download a free mobile app which allows users to carry the Citybeacon experience with them.

For more information, please visit:

About OCP Solutions

OCP Solutions develops and supplies (interactive) Outdoor Communication Products for the public space for the purpose of information, signage and advertising. Our people have years of experience and know exactly what requirements must be met to guarantee a hassle free lifetime at minimal cost for over 10 years; also in extreme conditions. For more information, please visit:
About Citybeacon

Citybeacon is reshaping the urban canvas as we know it by implementing intelligent multi-purpose street furniture powered by an open, scalable platform. You can help build @

About Zytronic

Zytronic Displays Ltd internationally award-winning touch sensors are used globally in ATMs, digital signage, self-service kiosks and gaming machines as well as by industrial and medical OEMs. The company’s success rests on its patented and highly durable touch sensing technologies, which can be provided in custom designs of 85” and beyond.

In addition to its manufacturing and RD centre in Newcastle, England, Zytronic has sales offices in Taipei, Tokyo, Austin, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia and a worldwide network of representatives and distributors. For further information please visit


Software AG, a Leader in IoT Technology, Launches Cumulocity IoT

Hong Kong, China, September 25, 2017 / - #8226; Fully cloud-enabled and scalable portfolio for the strong growing Internet of Things (IoT) market
#8226; Pre-configured IoT solutions enable enterprises to fast track IoT Services
#8226; Products include: industry leading device management, hybrid integration, streaming and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as improved strategic IoT scenario planning
Hong Kong, September 25, 2017 – Software AG (Frankfurt TecDAX: SOW) today continued its Internet of Things innovation drive with the launch of an extended Cumulocity IoT technology portfolio for cloud-based IoT platform services enablement. Cumulocity IoT will address today’s market demand for easy, fast, and scalable IoT solutions to support enterprises of all sizes, regardless of the level of sophistication of their IoT requirements.

Recent market research shows that whereas nearly 90 percent of executives surveyed feel the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is critical to their companies’ success, only 16 percent have a comprehensive IoT roadmap. The new Cumulocity IoT portfolio addresses this gap by offering self-service IoT solutions to enable organizations to develop their own IoT applications and solutions. Supporting customers, partners and suppliers through innovative, collaborative digital business models and “smart” IoT products and services is the driving force behind Software AG’s portfolio strategy.

The Cumulocity IoT portfolio operates at the edge, in the cloud or on premise – giving total customer freedom and choice in designing, building, deploying and upgrading enterprise IoT platform, solutions and services. It includes a range of pre-packaged solutions such as Condition Monitoring, Predictive Maintenance and Track Trace, as well as quick and easy device and sensor management, thus bringing the worlds of IT and operational technology (OT) together.

This freedom of choice allows for faster IoT innovation and adoption at a customer driven pace: from streamlining and efficiency of enterprise production processes – through total customer interaction and increased retention – by developing digital business models and the smart products and services demanded by today’s digital markets.

Cumulocity IoT brings together the power of Software AG’s Digital Business Platform and the original Cumulocity products portfolio into a single, comprehensive and leading IoT portfolio. The Cumulocity IoT portfolio will take full advantage of Software AG’s industry-leading integration, business process, advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities, based on its heritage in enterprise middleware platform leadership.

Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG, noted: “Cumulocity IoT is unique in that it provides enterprises with the ability to very quickly start limited scale, cloud-based IoT projects and, as their sophistication grows, be confident to build IoT platform and IoT services that will grow effortlessly with them. Enterprises can develop and implement IoT services at the optimal balance between risk and ambition, at their pace, at their choice. Cumulocity IoT is already in use by leading technology companies like Deutsche Telekom, Gardner Denver, Octo Telematics, NTT Communication, Reliance Group, and many more. This gives us a head start in our ambition to become a leading Technology provider in the IoT domain.”

Jost continued: “We recently announced a joint venture in the IoT area which fully underlines our commitment to this growing market. The joint venture called ADAMOS (Adaptive Manufacturing Open Solutions) is a major IoT collaborative alliance with the leading manufacturing enterprises D#252;rr, Zeiss, DMG Mori and ASM PT. The purpose of this IoT alliance is to establish global industry standards for the manufacturing sector using Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT as the technology foundation. ADAMOS partners and their customers will be able to leverage a comprehensive IoT platform and services at a fraction of the cost of developing their own solutions in a significantly shorter period of time.”

Anneliese Schulz, Vice President, Software AG Asia, noted: “Worldwide spending on the IoT is growing rapidly, and it is Asia-Pacific that is set to lead the growth in IoT spending, with analysts expecting it to be at least 40 percent of the worldwide total. Software AG partners with best-of-breed companies that enable connecting things to edge analytics, to machine learning and to industry solutions to provide the most complete end-to-end IoT ecosystem in the industry available here in Asia.”


Molex Awarded Cisco 2017 Supply Chain Operations Supplier of the Year Award

Hong Kong, China, September 25, 2017 / - Molex announced that it has received the 2017 Supply Chain Operations Supplier of the Year Award from Cisco#174;. This prestigious award recognizes Molex for exceeding expectations in supporting Cisco supply chain priorities and initiatives while providing differentiated contributions in the areas of Quality, Technology, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Value Creation, and Sustainability.

Molex also received the Cisco GSM Supplier of the Year Award for demonstrating excellence in Quality, Technology, Flexibility, and Productivity, and exceeding expectations to support the success of Cisco and its customers. Additionally, Molex received an award for Excellence in Delivery and Flexibility for executing under tremendous delivery pressures and increased flexibility needs to enable on-time commitments and ensure positive customer experiences for Cisco. The distinctions were awarded during Cisco’s 26th Annual Supplier Appreciation Event, held August 31 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.

“The theme this year for our Supplier Appreciation event is ‘Connecting the Unconnected: Transforming to the Digital Supply Chain’, which highlights our laser focus on enabling break-through value in operational commitments and customer satisfaction through digital orchestration,” said Jeff Purnell, vice president, Global Supplier Management, Cisco. “As we continue on our digitization journey, our strong relationships and close collaboration with our supplier and partner ecosystem will continue to play a critical role in our continued innovation, productivity and ultimately success.”

Cisco presented awards to its partners and suppliers in recognition of their contributions to Cisco’s success in fiscal year 2017. At the event, Cisco celebrated the collective achievements of its most strategic suppliers and partners, and reaffirmed its commitment to a strong, continued partnership that will further accelerate innovation, alignment and operational excellence.
About Cisco:

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Our people, products and partners help society securely connect and seize tomorrow's digital opportunity today. Discover more at and follow us on Twitter at @Cisco.

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

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Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Launches and is the First to Bring Windows Apps to the Mac Touch Bar and Windows People Bar to the Mac

Hong Kong, China, September 22, 2017 / - More than 30 tools are now available for Windows and Mac that enable users to complete tasks with a single click – from Drive Cleaning, to Presentation Mode, and Screen Recording

Parallels#174; (, a global leader in cross-platform solutions and creator of the No. 1 selling software for running Windows#174; applications on a Mac#174;, today launched Parallels Desktop#174; 13 for Mac (, which provides macOS High Sierra readiness and support for upcoming Windows 10 features.

Bringing together the best of both worlds, Parallels Desktop 13 makes it simple for MacBook Pro users to add Windows applications to the Touch Bar, and use Touch Bar within Windows applications. It is also the first solution to bring the upcoming Windows 10 People Bar feature to the Mac – including integration with the Mac Dock and Spotlight. The new version also features up to 100 percent performance improvements for completing certain tasks.

“This year, for the first time ever, we are bringing the two hottest features from Mac and Windows into one place via Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac,” said Jack Zubarev, Parallels president. “This new release delivers our best-ever Windows on Mac performance, plus innovative and useful new features and tools to help users get more done quickly and efficiently.”

With a single mouse click, the Parallels Installation Assistant will automatically install Windows 10 into a virtual machine (VM), which can be purchased at a later date without losing data or installed applications, making getting started in Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac simpler than ever. It also enables users to purchase and automatically install Windows 10 from Microsoft, add an existing copy of Windows, and simply move their PC to their Mac.

From the beginning, users can choose to make Windows look like a PC (Full Screen) or make Windows invisible (Coherence mode), while launching Windows apps from the Mac Dock, Launch Pad or Windows Start Menu, enabling users to tailor the experience to their liking.

Best of Both Worlds
Parallels Desktop 13 provides Mac Touch Bar integration for Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as browsers including Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. Additionally, when you are using the Windows Start Menu or Desktop, Parallels Desktop 13 features Taskbar pinned elements, along with Cortana, Task View and settings in the Touch Bar. Thousands of other Windows applications that run in Parallels Desktop can quickly be customized with popular Touch Bar actions, if the default set of functional keys is not enough.

Not only can Parallels Desktop enhance existing Mac features, but it also can build on Windows tools as well. Parallels Desktop 13 integrates People Bar (from Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16232), a forthcoming Windows 10 feature that lets users pin contacts to the Taskbar. Although Windows limits People Bar contacts to three, the Mac Dock doesn’t limit favorite contacts and enables their photos to be larger for easy viewing.

More Productivity Tools
New Parallels Desktop 13 innovations include Picture-in-Picture (PiP) View, a feature which creates windows of other active VMs, which are always visible on top, even when a Mac app is in Full Screen mode. Now, it is easy to monitor and work in multiple operating systems (OS) and their applications simultaneously on one screen, or watch a video while switching between macOS Spaces and applications. PiP View joins popular Parallels Desktop customization settings such as Coherence (Windows is invisible while using Windows apps on a Mac), Full Screen mode, and Window mode (Windows in a window in macOS).

New Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition features will be coming out in Q4 2017, including the customer-inspired Single Application mode, which lets IT admins deliver, lock and secure an invisible Windows VM with selected applications to a user's Mac Dock – making it easy for them to discover and use the Windows apps just like Mac apps.

The latest version of Parallel Desktop provides a number of visual and display improvements for improved transitions and better scaling resolution. Owners of hi-res Retina displays will enjoy greatly improved sharpness of text and graphics in scaled mode.

More than 30 Single-click Utilities for Windows and Mac:
New and popular utilities include:
#8226; Clean Drive – Easily free up disk space
#8226; Presentation Mode – Prevent embarrassing notifications, desktop reveals of personal files, and screen saver lockout delays during the presentation – in just one click (Mac only)
#8226; Download Video – In just one click, download video from YouTube, Facebook and other websites so you can enjoy watching it anytime
#8226; Find Duplicates – Search any drive or folder to quickly find identical files (even with different names), and free up disc space
#8226; Record Screen – Capture video of your entire screen, a window or select area – which can include audio from your computer microphone – in one click
Significant performance improvements include:
#8226; Up to 100 percent performance improvement for External Thunderbolt SSD drives (near native performance)
#8226; Up to 50 percent faster Snapshot creation for VMs with a large amount of memory
#8226; Up to 47 percent faster working in Windows files in Windows on rotational discs
#8226; Up to 47 percent faster working with Windows files on a Mac
#8226; Up to 40 percent faster USB device performance in most scenarios
#8226; OpenGL 3 support added for DIALux evo professional lighting design software and the popular strategy game Northgard

In addition to the overall improvements to Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac, Parallels has made upgrades to the Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro and Business Edition including:

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Pro Edition
#8226; Assign up to 32 cores (vCPU) and 128 GB of vRAM per VM, so upcoming iMac Pro users can create super powerful VMs
#8226; View Set Resolution menu to immediately switch resolutions for podcast, video tutorial or web browser testing – including common 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 ratios with resolutions from 1024 x 768 to 3360 x 2300
#8226; Quick Virtual Machine IP Address Lookup to check and copy IP address from GUI to the
clipboard in one click
#8226; Free pre-configured VMs in the Installation Assistant, which can be installed in one click, now include: Windows 10 Development Environment, Linux (Mint, CentOS, Debian GNU, Ubuntu and Fedora), Android and macOS
#8226; Analyze and optimize apps’ performance in Parallels Desktop with improved Intel VTune Amplifier, Linux ‘perf’ and Mozilla “rr” support
#8226; Modern IE Test Environments in the Installation Assistant now feature pre-configured 90-day trial VMs from Microsoft which include: Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 (stable), Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 (preview), IE 11 on Windows 8.1, IE 11 on Windows 7, IE 10 on Windows 7, IE 9 on Windows 7, and IE 8 on Windows 7

Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac Business Edition
#8226; Single Application Mode deployment to help end users focus on their end goal instead of being distracted by unfamiliar Windows and virtualization elements
#8226; Ability to add selected Windows applications to user’s Dock upon deployment

New Business Edition features coming out in Q4 2017 include:
#8226; Ability to invite users via email for improved productivity and end user management
#8226; Assign separate administrators for sublicenses for improved efficiency in management
#8226; New design of Parallels My Account portal to manage subscriptions and licenses

Availability and Pricing
Today, Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition and Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition are available for subscribers and upgraders from Parallels Desktop 11 and 12 (, as well as new customers, at and at local retail and online stores worldwide. Free 14-day full-featured trials of Parallels Desktop are also available for download.

The recommended retail price (RRP) of Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac is HK$598. Upgrades for existing Parallels Desktop 11 and 12 for Mac perpetual license customers are HK$388, with an introductory offer to upgrade to a Parallels Desktop Pro Edition subscription for HK$388 per year for life. Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition and Business Edition are each available to new customers for HK$744 per year. Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition and Business Edition include a complimentary concurrent subscription to both Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Parallels Toolbox for Windows (, as well as Parallels Access (


Molex Debuts Polymicro FR Optical Fibers

Hong Kong, China, September 21, 2017 / - Molex has released a new flame retardant version of its Polymicro Optical Fibers. Molex Polymicro Flame-Retardant (FR) Optical Fibers meet the UL 94 V-0 flammability standard for component materials used in telecommunications and industrial applications where a low flammability rating is essential.

“Having a fiber with a low flammability buffer coating offers a distinct advantage in applications where enhanced flammability protection is of paramount importance,” said Jim Clarkin, Polymicro general manager, Molex. “Strong, durable Molex Polymicro FR Fibers meet industry requirements for flammability protection.”

Polymicro FR Optical Fibers are available in telecommunications grade singlemode or 50#181;m and 62.5#181;m graded index construction with a 125#181;m glass OD/250#181;m buffer OD. Designed for superior dimensional control and tight tolerances, Polymicro FR Optical Fibers have an operational temperature range of -40 to +100°C. The UL 94 V-0 flammability rating indicates characteristics recommended in applications requiring increased protection from flame propagation and combustion.

The buffer utilized in Polymicro FR Optical Fiber is mechanically strippable similar to an acrylate buffer and imparts exceptional fiber strength. Molex can provide multiple size fibers and buffers, including multimode step index constructions. Available as single fiber in a variety of jacketing materials, Polymicro FR Optical Fibers range from less than 50 microns to over 600 microns in core diameter.

Molex vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities enable production of a complete range of optical fibers designed for deep-UV, NIR and broad-spectrum applications. Polymicro Optical Fiber assembly design configurations are highly customizable, incorporating optomechanical and electromechanical components with custom configured fused silica, in addition to advanced optical features including micro-machined end tips, metal terminations or precision couplings. Fiber type, termination style and jacketing can be specified for optimal application alignment and system performance.

“Molex customer design requirements vary widely in complexity—from a single, finished optical fiber to a complex branching assembly. Our expanding range of Molex Polymicro Optical Fiber profiles and custom assemblies give customers the design flexibility they need for demanding applications, environmental conditions and optical wavelengths,” adds Clarkin.

For more information about Polymicro FR Optical Fiber please visit

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

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中国广州 2017年09月21日 / 9月20日-21日,2017全球航空旅客大会在上海如期举办,包括来自国航、东航、南航、海航、汉莎航空、香港航空等国内外航空公司、机场集团、一站式出行平台和互联网服务平台的行业高管出席了会议。









Source: iGola

Molex Company Sensorcon Debuts Pocket-Sized Climate Logger

Hong Kong, China, September 20, 2017 / - Molex subsidiary Sensorcon has introduced a small, powerful—and colorful—climate sensor that provides workers in sensitive or harsh environments a clear understanding of environmental conditions.

The Climate Logger is offered in three different models which can measure light, temperature, pressure and humidity across a wide spectrum of facilities—from pharmaceutical plants and other manufacturing facilities to oil refineries and agricultural fields. It attaches magnetically to any metal surface and can immediately begin collecting data, which then can be uploaded to Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10 via a USB connection. Free software is available to import and graph the data to the Windows program.

“Due to growing industry demands and increasing climate changes, our engineers have developed a tool that is designed with next-generation technology that allows companies to capture valuable information needed to efficiently and cost-effectively assess their environmental needs,” said Calen Dembitsky, marketing manager, Sensorcon, a Molex Company. “We are committed to supplying the tools to finding the valuable data companies need to move forward.”

The specifications of the Climate Logger sensors include:

#8226; Temperature: -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
#8226; Relative Humidity: 0 to 100%
#8226; Pressure: 20 to 110 kPa
#8226; Light: 0 to20k LUX

The Climate Logger’s other, visible, feature is that it is available in seven bright colors—green, blue, white, yellow, pink, black and orange. This makes the Climate Logger easy to spot when the data needs to be retrieved or the sensor needs to be moved to another location.

For more information about Climate Logger, please visit

About Sensorcon:

Sensorcon, a Molex company, is dedicated to creating durable, high-quality environmental sensor products to meet the most demanding of domestic, professional and industrial needs. Sensorcon has more than 10 years of experience in sensor integration and design with all products manufactured in the USA. All products can be purchased directly from the Sensorcon online store. For more information, please visit

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, and commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

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100G Lambda MSA to Define Specification for Next Generation Optical Links

Hong Kong, China, September 20, 2017 / - The 100G Lambda Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Group has announced their intent to develop specifications based on 100 Gbps per wavelength optical technology. Under the MSA, participating companies are addressing the technical challenges of achieving optical interfaces utilizing 100 Gbps per wavelength technology ensuring optical interoperability for transceivers and interfaces produced by different manufacturers and in various form factors. These new optical specifications target the next generation of networking equipment that is required to address the industry’s ever-growing need for bandwidth.

The 100G Lambda MSA Group founding members include: Alibaba, Arista Networks, Broadcom, Ciena, Cisco, Finisar, Foxconn Interconnect Technology, Inphi, Intel, Juniper Networks, Lumentum, Luxtera, MACOM, MaxLinear, Microsoft, Molex, NeoPhotonics, Nokia, Oclaro, Semtech, Source Photonics, and Sumitomo Electric.

The new interfaces defined by the 100G Lambda MSA double the speed per wavelength for 100 Gbps and 400 Gbps applications. To complement the 100 Gbps (100GBASE-DR) and 400 Gbps (400GBASE-DR4) 500 m reach interfaces currently being defined by IEEE P802.3, the 100G Lambda MSA is focused on reaches of 2 km and 10 km over duplex single-mode fiber. By focusing on 100 Gbps per wavelength, the 100G Lambda MSA is providing a technology platform required for next generation networking equipment.

Please visit for more information about the 100G Lambda MSA.

About Molex:

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide. With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, medical, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle. For more information, please visit

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Hong Kong, China, September 19, 2017 / - Healthcare solutions pioneer will enjoy immediate benefits such as cost savings, increased efficiency and ease in maintenance

Healthcare solutions pioneer, Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, has selected US$7.5 billion global ICT solutions and services provider, Dimension Data, to upgrade and standardise its desktop computing platform to Windows 10 in all its affiliate offices across Asia Pacific region.

Singapore is Sysmex’s headquarters for its Asia Pacific operations, with an extensive network of offices across the region. As the world’s largest supplier of haematology instrumentation, Sysmex is heavily reliant on efficient IT to ensure optimal business performance.

“In many ways, Sysmex is a life saver. It provides laboratory testing instruments and reagents, as well as after-sales support to medical institutions in more than 160 countries around the world, including Asia Pacific. Time was of the essence to Sysmex and it wanted to make better use of its IT team’s time by standardising all Operating Systems (OS) to Windows 10,” said Png Kim Meng, CEO, Dimension Data Singapore.

“The Dimension Data team engaged us early in the planning stages of this project, and continued to act as a trusted advisor throughout. This was helpful in enabling our regional IT team to familiarize themselves with new Windows 10 desktop platform and better manage our IT environment through the Asia Pacific region. Additionally, Dimension Data never stopped providing advice and just-in-time recommendations about the new technologies that Sysmex is adopting,” said Simon Lam, Senior Manager – Regional Information Technology, Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

In the past, Sysmex was burdened with the challenges of managing many disparate versions of hardware equipment, software solutions and network configurations. Since the standardisation project, the organisation has seen a marked reduction in the volume of helpdesk services required across the region. Additional benefits include making new business application deployment, installation, repair, and maintenance easier, faster and less expensive, and lowering the amount of training time required for employees.

“Our understanding of their business needs, coupled with the ability to identify gaps and recommend a right-fit solution made all the difference to Sysmex. Working together, we have been able to help Sysmex’s IT team provide value to the business and reduce operational cost while increasing their capability across the Asia Pacific region,” said Png.

– ENDS –

About Dimension Data
Dimension Data harnesses the transformative power of technology to help organisations achieve great things in the digital era. As a member of the NTT Group, we focus on digital infrastructure, hybrid cloud, workspaces for tomorrow, cybersecurity, and network as the platform. With a turnover of USD 7.5 billion and offices in 58 countries, we deliver services wherever our clients are, at every stage of their technology journey. Accelerate your ambition.

In Asia Pacific, we operate in 35 offices across 13 countries. We help clients enable technology, operate their IT infrastructures and transform technology solutions that deliver value. It combines an expertise in networking, security, customer experience (CX) and collaboration, data centre and end-user computing, with advanced skills in IT outsourcing, IT-as-a-Service, Systems integration services and training.


Ruckus Outperforms Major 802.11ac Manufacturers in Divergent Dynamics’ Wireless LAN Video Performance Test

Hong Kong, China, September 19, 2017 / - Ruckus R610 Is Sole Access Point to Deliver Stall-Free Video under All Test Scenarios in Real-World, High Client-Density Stress Tests

Hong Kong — September 19, 2017— Ruckus, a part of Brocade, has announced it has once again outperformed four of its leading Wi-Fi competitors in a series of stress tests validated by Divergent Dynamics. Using mid-range 802.11ac access points (APs), the testing measured each AP’s ability to simultaneously deliver video and data to 60 client devices. The results showed that the Ruckus R610 AP was the only tested AP able to maintain stall-free video delivery to each client when data traffic loading was simultaneously applied to the network.

“The tests were conducted in a real-world, high client-density environment and carried out using industry best practices and each manufacturer’s recommendations,” said Devin Akin, founder and CEO of Divergent Dynamics. “In this environment, Ruckus APs delivered consistent stall-free video, outperforming five APs from four manufacturers, including two APs with higher performance specifications. The R610 was the only AP to meet real-world relevant test objectives and was nothing short of impressive.”

Video in the Enterprise
Video accounts for the majority of worldwide IP traffic volume and is growing rapidly in the enterprise and on mobile devices. According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index*, global IP video traffic will grow threefold from 2016 to 2021, a CAGR of 26 percent, while increased adoption of advanced video communications in the enterprise segment will cause business IP traffic to grow by a factor of three between 2016 and 2021.

About the Testing
The testing sought to establish the ability of each AP to deliver stall-free streaming video to client devices (Chromebook) with and without additional network loading applied by data clients (Mac Mini). Two tests were conducted, one with 30 video clients and 30 data clients and one with 60 video clients and two data clients. Each AP tested was located in one room with the AP placed such that it could provide coverage for video clients in the same room and video and data-only clients in an adjacent room.

Test Results
In the test with 30 video clients, the Ruckus R610 was the only AP that maintained stall-free video delivery to all 30 clients while under heavy network loading from data-only clients. In the test with 60 video clients, the Ruckus R610 was the only AP that maintained stall-free video delivery to all 60 video clients both with and without network loading.

Business Implications
IT departments are increasingly tasked with delivering a higher quality of service over a wireless local area network (WLAN) without over-spending on infrastructure. In some segments, such as education, the consistent delivery of stall-free video is imperative to the proper functioning of the organization. IT organizations that can provide their users with a better video experience save time by reducing the number of helpdesk tickets they receive. IT organizations that can use the equivalent of one AP for every two rooms rather than one AP for each room reduce the cost of access point infrastructure as well as associated licenses, cable runs and power consumption.

“Ruckus is committed to ensuring the highest quality of experience for each user, regardless of traffic type,” said Greg Beach, vice president of wireless products, Ruckus. “Video is becoming more prevalent in every WLAN environment and, in contrast to most types of data traffic, poor video delivery is immediately apparent to the end user. The Divergent Dynamics report is further testament to Ruckus’ unique ability to ensure a great end-user Wi-Fi experience—without over-procuring—even under the most challenging of circumstances.”

The Divergent Dynamics report entitled “Client Density and Video Performance Comparison of Mid-range 802.11ac Access Points” can be downloaded from Divergent Dynamics:

*Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016-2021:

About Ruckus
Ruckus, a business unit of Brocade, delivers simply better connections, so you can deliver awesome customer experiences. Ruckus’ high-performance network infrastructure provides secure, reliable access to applications and services no matter how tough the environment. Ruckus innovates across wireless and wired technology to meet industry-specific needs. When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Ruckus. #simplybetterconnections

About Brocade
Brocade#174; (NASDAQ: BRCD) networking solutions help the world’s leading organizations turn their networks into platforms for business innovation. With solutions spanning public and private data centers to the network edge, Brocade is leading the industry in its transition to the New IP network infrastructures required for today’s world of digital business. (

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These products and features and their availability are subject to change at the sole discretion of Brocade, and Brocade shall have no liability for delay in the delivery or failure to deliver any of the products or features described herein.
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FRITES’ benchmark 10th anniversary in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China, September 18, 2017 / - Witnessing not only the lack of beer choices in Hong Kong but also the lack of European style beer halls and cuisine in the early 2000s, FRITES' directors were determined to bring the Belgian beer and food culture to the city. They traveled to Belgium and carefully selected the best beer and gourmet food for their soon to be FRITES, which officially opened in September 2007. FRITES is now a well known and respected restaurant brand in Hong Kong and the directors are eyeing expansion into other regions in the area.

FRITES was established in 2007 as part of the Concept Creations group. Concept Creations has been widely regarded as one of the city’s leading restaurant management companies and has remained true to its founding principles by consistently establishing venues that are unique and innovative, such as Tapeo, Chicha and of course FRITES.

Having gained extensive experience in Australia, the management team underpins the creation of each venue with three core values – authenticity, hospitality and quality – key principles to success in Hong Kong’s highly competitive food and beverage industry. With a no-compromise attitude to ingredients, strict attention to detail and a desire to deliver a consistent experience, the operational teams ensure high standards are maintained at all times. Concept Creations has valued being an employer of choice and believes that offering quality training and benefits to its employees has resulted in the comfortable, welcoming and hospitable ambience each venue is known for.

FRITES’ first decade in Hong Kong
Taking us back to the first FRITES in Central 2007, its signature decor, grand chandeliers hanging from high ceilings and ornate wooden cabinets showcasIng antique glassware, has successfully evoked the attention and support of Hong Kong diners. Next came Wan Chai and Quarry Bay opening in 2010 and 2011 respectively and the fourth branch opening its doors in Causeway Bay in 2015. FRITES’ popular dishes such as the Rich Man Burgers, Mussels Pots, and Steak and Frites have stolen the hearts of Hong Kong diners. Their generous portions and sharing style menu works well with Chinese food sharing culture. FRITES also offers a wide selection of over 8o Belgian beer as well as a vast array of quality wines, and some of the rarest beers in the world. FRITES has won a number of internationally recognised competitions, including the esteemed Stella Artois World Master competition for five consecutive years making FRITES’ food and beverages an impressive option for Hong Kong locals and expats alike. In the next decade FRITES will enhance its footprint with more locations in Hong Kong, and then into other regions in Asia.

Director's note
“As we head towards our 10th anniversary it is time to reflect on what we have built at FRITES and what the future holds. Firstly we have to say a huge thank you to our customers. Without the loyal following we have created over the last 10 years we would be nothing. It is thanks to them that we have managed to build a Hong Kong brand that is not only strong but trusted. Naturally, none of this would be possible without the amazing FRITES TEAM. From the incredible managers and the Head Chefs right down to the kitchen porters. Every position matters, every person matters and together we work as a team to produce amazing food and amazing service.”

For details:



中国上海 2017年09月15日 / 专注于中国风投科技行业的领先双语资讯平台China Money Network(中金投网)荣幸宣布即将在上海主办2017年度中国医疗健康投资者论坛,汇聚来自凯鹏华盈、鼎晖投资、礼来亚洲基金及奥博资本等业界最成功的投资人士,与其它优秀投资公司及医疗健康企业的高管精英共同探讨当前中国医疗行业的投资机遇及挑战。








黎佳欣女士于2013年作为合伙人加入礼来亚洲基金,专注于国内外生物制药、医疗器械、诊断疗法等医疗细分领域内早期及成长期项目投资。她目前是Nextcure、Crown Biosciences、Just Biotherapeutics、Veritas Genetics等礼来亚洲基金所投公司的董事成员。早前她曾在麦肯锡纽约办公室及Partners Healthcare供职,还曾联合创办过一家肾脏介入医疗器械创业公司。

Raro Leow: [email protected]

CHINA MONEY NETWORK(中金投网)是一家领先的专注于大中华区风投科技的双语资讯平台,致力于提供有关中国私募风投基金、未上市企业、投融交易及行业顶级专家等最全面且实时的数据库。中国境内外数百万专业投资人士透过我们的平台把握中国最新的商业脉搏,追寻关键决策中至关重要的行业走向。自2011年首次播客节目上线以来,中金投网现已发展成为总部设在香港,并于深圳上海北京美国有分支机构的领先跨境资讯平台。欲了解更多详细信息,请访问

Source: China Money Network

How Fast Are Venture Capitalists Moving To Cure China’s Ills?

China Money Network To Host China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017

Shanghai, China, September 14, 2017 / - China Money Network, a leading intelligence platform on China's private markets, is proud to host the China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017, which features prominent Chinese venture and private equity investors.

Top dealmakers from KPCB, CDH Investments, Lilly Asia Ventures and OrbiMed will gather on September 19 in Shanghai with Chinese healthcare investors and healthcare industry executives for an intimate and informative panel discussion on the opportunities and challenges facing one of the hottest investment sectors in the country.

"China Money Network's events are organized around one industry vertical and therefore brings together similar-minded investors and companies who can really share in-depth exchanges," said Nina Xiang, co-founder of China Money Network. "The China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017 will gather the country's best minds in healthcare investing and is a must-attend event for healthcare professionals."

Healthcare has without doubt been one of the hottest investment sectors in China over the past decade. From 2010 to 2016, venture capital and private equity investment deal volume and total deal value grew 33.7% and 89% annually on average, respectively.

With China being the world’s most populous nation, the addressable market is gigantic. The country’s healthcare industry is expected to reach RMB16 trillion (US$2.3 trillion) in size by 2030. In addition, China is well placed to lead in medical technology innovations. In the red-hot field of precision medicine, China could soon top other countries in terms of data collection and application. China also has the world’s largest healthcare mobile app operators.

China Healthcare Investor Forum 2017 will feature speakers including:

KPCB China: Managing Partner, James Huang
James Huang joined KPCB China as a managing partner in 2011 and focuses on the firm’s life sciences practice. Prior to joining KPCB China, James was a managing partner at Vivo Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in life sciences investments. Before that, he was president of Anesiva a biopharmaceutical company focused on pain-management treatments.

OrbiMed: Daniel Zhou
Daniel Zhou joined OrbiMed as a director on the Asia team. Prior to joining OrbiMed, he worked as a vice president at WI Harper Group where he was responsible for healthcare investments in China. Previously, he was an assistant vice president at Balloch Group, helping Chinese medical companies to obtain financing from private equity firms.

CDH Investment: Partner, Lily Zhang
Lily Zhang joined CDH Investments in 2015 focused on healthcare industry investments. Previously, she worked as director of Business Development and Intelligence at GlaxoSmithKline (China) Investment, and business development manager of Asia Pacific at Johnson & Johnson, responsible for merger and acquisition deals in treatment sector.

Lilly Asia Ventures: Partner, Judith Li
Judith Li joined Lilly Asia Ventures in 2013 and focused on early and growth stage investments across biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics both domestically and cross-border. She holds board appointments at a variety of the firm’s portfolio companies including Nextcure, Crown Biosciences, Just Biotherapeutics, and Veritas Genetics. Her previous experience includes McKinsey’s New York office, hospital administration at Partners Healthcare, and co-founding an interventional nephrology medical device venture.

Raro Leow: [email protected]

More details here:


CHINA MONEY NETWORK is a leading intelligence platform for China's dynamic private markets. Driven by the most complete database of Chinese private investment funds, private companies, deals and top experts, China Money Network is the go-to source of information and intelligence for millions of Chinese and global investors. Started in 2011 as an investment podcast in Shanghai, we have evolved into a Hong Kong-headquartered independent company offering compelling services to institutions operating in China's rising private markets. For more information, please visit: and

Source: China Money Network

Navitas GaN Power ICs Enable World’s Smallest 65W USB-PD Laptop Adapter

Hong Kong, China, September 14, 2017 / - Navitas Semiconductor announced the world’s smallest65W USB-PD (Type C) adapter reference design, to keep pace with the dramatic size and weight reductions in laptop designs over the last 10 years. High-frequency, high-efficiency AllGaNTMPower ICsare used to deliver 65W in only 45cc / 2.7in3and only 60g in weightby minimizingthe size, weight and cost of transformers, filters and heatsinks. By contract, existing silicon-based designs can require 6-7in3 and weigh over 300g.

“Finally, a laptop adapter is thin and light – like the laptop it charges – and at a great price”, said Stephen Oliver, the company’s vice president of Sales Marketing. “Power designers have been faced with several, conflicting industry challenges, from new USB Type C connectivity and USB PD (Power Delivery) output compliance to statutory energy efficiency standards and the ever-present issue of cost. Navitas GaN Power ICs deliver the simultaneous achievements of high-speed operation and high efficiency to enable a single system design that meets all of those challenges – at the same or lower cost than old, slow silicon designs”.

The new NVE028A reference design uses GaN Power ICs in an in an active clamp flyback (ACF) topology running 3x-4x faster and with 40% lower loss than typical adapter designs, to deliver smaller size and reduced costs. The design is fully compliant with European CoC Tier 2 and US DoE Level VI efficiency standards, in addition to reaching peak efficiencies of over 94% at full load.

“This is a major achievement in adapter design”, said Mark Dehong Xu, President of the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) and Director of the Institute of Power Electronics, Zhejiang University. “I think China Power Supply manufactures have been looking for wide-band-gap components like this, to further increase the power supply's efficiency and power density to satisfy the requirement of customers”.

Unlike earlier attempts at high-density adapters, the NVE028A achieves small size (51 x 43 x 20.5 mm cased) and breakthrough power density (1.5 W/cc, 24 W/in3 cased) using simple, standard, low-cost manufacturing techniques.

“Since we introduced the AllGaN platform at APEC’16, Navitas has announced single and half-bridge GaN Power ICs, the world’s smallest 150W adapter, and now the world’s smallest, fully-compliant 65W USB-PD design”, said Gene Sheridan, Navitas CEO. “This is the flexible, high-performance, cost-effective platform that meets and exceeds the targets of the mobile and consumer charger markets”.

For more information about the 65W NVE027A reference design, contact [email protected]

About CPSS

Founded in 1983, the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) promotes the progress of Chinese power supply science and industry. The power supply is a multidisciplinary science, it uses Semiconductor Power Device, Electromagnetic Element, Battery and other components via Electrical Engineering, automatic control, microelectronics, electrochemistry, new energy technologies, and other technology. There are 17 local societies, 8 professional departments, and 6 functionary committees. The CPSS organizes technical conferences, exhibitions, and publishes technical, peer-reviewed periodicals, handbooks and proceedings. To accelerate the progress of information of the society, the CPSS set up There are 700 members and 3,000 associated enterprises.

About Navitas

Navitas Semiconductor Inc. is the world’s first and only GaN Power IC company, founded in 2013 and based in El Segundo, CA, USA. Navitas has a strong and growing team of power semiconductor industry experts with a combined 200 years of experience in materials, devices, applications, systems and marketing, plus a proven record of innovation with over 200 patents among its founders. The proprietary AllGaN#8482; process design kit monolithically integrates the highest performance GaN FETs with logic and analog circuits. Navitas GaN Power ICs enable smaller, higher energy efficient and lower cost power for mobile, consumer, enterprise and new energy markets. Over 30 Navitas patents are granted or pending.


Nextchip License CEVA Imaging and Vision Platform for ADAS Vision System

Hong Kong, China, September 14, 2017 / - APACHE4 pre-processor includes fully-programmable CEVA-XM4 DSP providing complete flexibility for a variety of ADAS applications, varieties of ADAS workloads, including image enhancement, feature extraction and classification; Companies to attend AutoSens Conference in Brussels, 19-21 September

CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA), the leading licensor of signal processing IP for smarter, connected devices, has announced that Nextchip Co. Ltd., a fabless company specializing in embedded vision applications for ADAS systems, has licensed the CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision platform for its APACHE4 vision-based pre-processor targeted at real-time ADAS vision systems. Nextchip have incorporated CEVA’s programmable vision platform into the APACHE4 alongside its differentiated image processing accelerators to enable advanced and affordable ADAS applications.

Kyoungsoo Kim, CEO of Nextchip commented: “We developed the APACHE4 to provide affordable and scalable ADAS systems for the mass market. CEVA’s industry-leading vision platform adds a high degree of flexibility to our solution to enable differentiated, machine vision-related ADAS products. CEVA’s long-standing experience and success in computer vision and artificial intelligence makes them the ideal partner for Nextchip to address new generations of ADAS systems.”

APACHE4 is a vision-based pre-processor SoC targeting next-generation ADAS systems. With a dedicated sub-system of image processing accelerators and optimized software, APACHE4 dramatically reduces main ECU’s workloads by as much as 70% with improved performance, to allow all detection algorithms to operate simultaneously. The APACHE4 incorporates dedicated detection engines, that include pedestrian detection, vehicle detection, lane detection and moving object detection. The embedded CEVA-XM4 imaging and vision platform enables customers to develop differentiated ADAS applications by means of high-level software programming.

Gideon Wertheizer, CEO of CEVA commented: “Nextchip’s selection of the CEVA-XM4 is another endorsement of the unique capabilities of our vision IP it’s value proposition for the ADAS market. The APACHE4 brings key ADAS features within reach of every car manufacturer and model, moving us closer to a world of enhanced driver safety and ultimately, safer roads.”

CEVA’s latest generation imaging and vision DSP platforms address the extreme processing requirements and low power constraints of the most sophisticated machine learning and machine vision applications used in smartphones, surveillance, augmented reality, sense and avoid drones and self-driving cars. These DSP-based platforms include a hybrid architecture composed of scalar and vector DSP processors coupled with a comprehensive Application Development Kit (ADK) to streamline software deployment. The CEVA ADK includes: CEVA-Link for seamless software level integration with a host processor; a range of widely used and optimized software algorithms; the CEVA Deep Neural Network (CDNN2) real-time Neural Network software framework which streamlines machine learning deployment at a fraction of the power consumption of the leading GPU-based systems, and; state-of-the-art development and debugging tools. For more information, visit

CEVA and Nextchip will attend the AutoSens Conference, as part of AutoWorld, in Brussels, September 19-21, 2017. For more information or to schedule a meeting with CEVA experts, contact [email protected] or visit To schedule a meeting with Nextchip, contact [email protected]

About Nextchip Co. Ltd.

Nextchip is a leading vision technology provider in semiconductor field, for embedded vision applications from video surveillance to automotive. Since 1997, Nextchip has created innovative image processing techniques and grown significant market share over two decades. With these highly mature vision technologies, Nextchip provides wide-ranging knowhow and experience including evaluation and assessment. As a vision expert, providing differentiated technical expertise and securing optimized IPs from our proprietary algorithms are the key competencies of Nextchip's approach towards ADAS market. For more information, visit and follow us LinkedIn.

About CEVA, Inc.

CEVA is the leading licensor of signal processing IP for a smarter, connected world. We partner with semiconductor companies and OEMs worldwide to create power-efficient, intelligent and connected devices for a range of end markets, including mobile, consumer, automotive, industrial and IoT. Our ultra-low-power IPs for vision, audio, communications and connectivity include comprehensive DSP-based platforms for LTE/LTE-A/5G baseband processing in handsets, infrastructure and machine-to-machine devices, advanced imaging, computer vision and deep learning for any camera-enabled device, audio/voice/speech and ultra-low power always-on/sensing applications for multiple IoT markets. For connectivity, we offer the industry’s most widely adopted IPs for Bluetooth (low energy and dual mode), Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac up to 4×4) and serial storage (SATA and SAS). Visit us at and follow us on Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.


Embark Joyful MTR Journeys with “MTR x Doraemon” Souvenir Ticket Sets

Hong Kong, China, September 12, 2017 / - Popular anime character “Doraemon” will soon be arriving at MTR stations with his friends. Starting from 1 October 2017, MTR Corporation will launch a series of limited edition “MTR x Doraemon” Souvenir Ticket Sets which feature the characters, Doraemon, Shizuka, Dorami and Nobita over four consecutive weeks.

Priced at HK$140, each souvenir ticket set comprises a souvenir ticket*, an exquisite ticket holder and a USB light.

“Many of our passengers have grown up with the ‘Doraemon’ animation characters and they have become part of our collective memory. We hope that by launching the ‘MTR x Doraemon’ souvenir ticket sets, passengers can take a ride back to their merry moments of their childhood,” said Ms Jeny Yeung, Commercial Director of MTR Corporation.

Each souvenir ticket is valid for one single journey to any destination on the MTR* on or before 30 November 2017. Customers can retain the souvenir ticket after use. Malfunctioning tickets can be exchanged on or before 30 November 2017 at any MTR Customer Service Centres (except Airport Express, Light Rail, Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations). Tickets sold are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Details of the souvenir ticket sets are as follows:

Date of Public Sale (while stocks last) and Souvenir Ticket Set includes

1 October – 7 October 2017: “Doraemon” Set
#8226; A souvenir ticket*
#8226; An exquisite ticket holder
#8226; A “Doraemon” USB light

8 October – 14 October 2017: “Shizuka” Set
#8226; A souvenir ticket*
#8226; An exquisite ticket holder
#8226; A “Minamoto Shizuka” USB light with mini storage box

15 October – 21 October 2017: “Dorami” Set
#8226; A souvenir ticket*
#8226; An exquisite ticket holder
#8226; A “Dorami” USB light with fan

22 October – 28 October 2017: “Nobita” Set
#8226; A souvenir ticket*
#8226; An exquisite ticket holder
#8226; A “Nobi Nobita” USB light with digital clock

In addition, two mobile phone holders with Doraemon designs are also available for purchase at HK$80 each, starting from 1 October 2017 while stocks last.

The souvenir ticket sets and the special edition mobile phone holders will be available on the abovementioned dates at all MTR Customer Service Centres** (unpaid area) from the start of MTR train service. Each customer can buy up to two sets per item while stocks last.

Furthermore, MTR Club members can enjoy priority purchase through the MTR Club’s website at from tomorrow (13 September 2017) to 21 September 2017 or by cash at the Tourist Services Centre at MTR Admiralty Station (unpaid area) from 26 to 27 September 2017. Each member can purchase up to two sets while stocks last. More details about the souvenir ticket sets are available on or the MTR Hotline (2881 8888).

*: Except Airport Express, East Rail Line First Class, journeys to or from Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations, Light Rail, MTR Bus and MTR Feeder Bus. If the ticket is used to travel to either Lo Wu Station or Lok Ma Chau Station in breach of the Terms and Conditions, the holder is liable to pay the full single journey fare between the station of entry and Lo Wu Station or Lok Ma Chau Station. The ticket will then be returned to the holder for use on a valid journey. Passengers changing lines between Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations have to exit and re-enter the system and a new ticket must be purchased for the second stage of the journey.
**: Except Airport Express, Light Rail, Lo Wu, Lok Ma Chau, Racecourse and Disneyland Resort stations.

– End –


Adobe Advertising Cloud Brings Marketers Flexibility and Convenience with New Mobile App

Hong Kong, China, September 12, 2017 / - Other Updates to Adobe Advertising Cloud Include the Addition of Targeted Digital Audio Advertising Formats

As advertisers shift to buying a majority of digital advertising through automated software, advertising technology tools are frequently stuck in the desktop computer era, leaving media traders few options for managing campaigns when outside of the office or away from their computer.

To address these challenges and opportunities, Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) today announced the industry’s first mobile app for cross-channel advertising campaign management to provide marketers the tools they need to ensure performance and delivery wherever they are.

Available free to current customers on both Android and iOS, Adobe Advertising Cloud’s mobile application enables marketers to stay connected and manage their cross-channel advertising campaigns on-the-go from anywhere in the world. The app’s features include:

#8226; The ability to monitor campaign-level performance and delivery metrics in real time directly from a mobile phone or tablet device

#8226; Push notifications, powered by Adobe Sensei’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, to alert advertisers on potential issues with campaign delivery or performance

#8226; The ability to swipe-to-activate and automatically pause campaigns based on pre-set parameters, such as budget caps or impression totals

#8226; At-a-glance placement-level reporting for all metrics available within the platform on desktop computers, including total spend, impressions, viewability rates, clickthrough rates, completion rates and more

In addition to the mobile app, Adobe Advertising Cloud clients will also enjoy expanded cross-channel advertising capabilities with the addition of automated, data-driven buying of digital audio advertising formats on desktop and mobile devices. Today, digital audio streamed on mobile devices represents a $200 million advertising opportunity.

Last year more than one-third of the U.S. population listened to over 59 billion ad-supported audio streams using digital music streaming services. In collaboration with Rubicon Project, the Global Exchange for advertising, advertisers can now extend their advertising initiatives with the ability to plan and buy media across premium digital audio environments.

By adding digital audio formats to its media planning and buying software, Adobe Advertising Cloud enables marketers to centralize targeting and reporting across devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets and message sequentially across formats, such as an audio ad followed by a video ad to move consumers down the funnel along the path to purchase. Advertisers can also leverage Adobe Advertising Cloud’s native integration with Adobe Analytics Cloud to layer first- and third-party data to target behavioral, demographic and geographic audience segments, and receive Nielsen-verified audience reporting on consumer’s age and gender.

“Digital audio has exploded as a uniquely differentiated channel that gives advertisers opportunity to target users not just based on their demographic or psychographic profile – but how they feel at a specific moment in time,” said Brett Wilson, vice president and general manager, Adobe Advertising Cloud. “This collaboration with Rubicon helps move Adobe Advertising Cloud one step closer towards our goal of helping marketers unify their advertising spend holistically across every channel.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Adobe Advertising Cloud to give marketers the premium quality inventory and reach they need across all creative formats worldwide,” said Amy Coveny, Global Head of Audio, Rubicon Project. “And with consumers flocking to mobile in-app audio, we are pleased to automate the buying and selling of SoundCloud’s most in-demand advertising units.”